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4.0 General Requirements

4.1 General Test Requirements

The following paragraphs define the configurations, pass/fail criteria, and general procedures for testing remote terminals (RT). Specifically, this document contains the test configurations and procedures for the Electrical tests (5.1), the Protocol Tests (5.2), and the Noise Rejection Test (5.3) for MIL-ST-1553 remote terminals. The remote terminal under test is referred to as the unit under test (UUT). Proper terminal responses are defined in each test paragraph. If the hardware/software design of the UUT does not permit a test to be performed, then adequate analysis shall be provided in place of the test results to demonstrate that the design meets the requirements of MIL-STD-1553 as stated in the test.

Any condition which causes the UUT to respond other than as called out in MIL-STD-1553, to lock up, or require a power cycle in order to recover for any reason shall automatically cause that UUT to fail the test. All occurrences  of responses with the busy bit’ set in the status word shall be recorded. If the U UT response does not match the pass criteria for a particular test, then the UUT has failed that test.

4.2 Test for Optional Requirements

All tests for optional requirements defined in 5.2.2 shall be executed if that MIL-STD-1553 option is required by the subsystem specification or interface control document (ICD) . Any optional capabilities implemented in the RT should also be tested, if possible. Within the constraints imposed by the hardware/software design, optional capabilities must be tested prior to use by system integrators.

4.3 General Monitoring Requirements

In addition to the specific tests that follow, certain RT parameters must be continuously monitored throughout all tests. These parameters are:

  1. response time
  2. contiguous data
  3. proper Manchester encoding
  4. proper bit count
  5. odd parity
  6. proper word count
  7. proper terminal address in the status word
  8. reserved status and instrumentation bits in the status word are set to zero
  9. proper sync

The UUT shall have failed the test if at any time during the test any of these parameters fail 10 meet the requirements of MIL-STD-1553. Record the parameters for all failures.

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